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Amelia’s Eden

Posted on 04 June 2018

Eden, a 0.5 square mile village in Yazoo County, Mississippi, has a distinct smell of nostalgia whenever I visit.  I guess it’s because of the stories that my mother used to tell me about Eden; the times she would spend at her grandparents’ home when she was a child.  She joyfully described the honeysuckle bushes, fruit orchids and trees, ponds, and pecan trees that grew in abundance on the large acreage of land.  She would get lost in God’s creation; writing stories and poems and basquing in all of the smells, sounds and textures that would delight all of her senses.  I found myself closing my eyes whenever she would tell me stories about Eden, imagining that I was there and what that would be like to experience “The Garden of Eden” in real life as a child.

Her grandmother, Amelia, owned the land with her grandfather, Woodie. Amelia was an educator and crafter of all things; gifts that she passed down to her daughter (my grandmother), who passed it down to my mother. Though I never was able to meet her (she passed when I was 4 months old), her memories and legacy continue to live on. 

After incorporating Tori Nicole, Inc. June 15, 2009, the first thing I officially made was the “Amelia” bag, named after my great grandmother. Throughout the next 6-7 years, I  married and then was with-child, carrying my biggest blessing to date, my beautiful daughter. My husband and I named her Amelia Eden, after my great-grandmother and her glorious land in Eden, MS. Her due date was June 15, 2016, but she arrived early exactly 2 years ago today at 9:16AM. It’s funny how things come together; Great-Grandmother Amelia, was part of the official incorporation of Tori Nicole, and Amelia Eden was due to come on the very same date exactly 7 years later!

Today we celebrate this fun, encouraging, love-filled little person; this sweet girl who gives the best hugs and kisses and whose smile lights up any room. I am humbled and forever grateful that I get to be her mama. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Amelia Eden. You are so loved.

💕 Mama


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